Single Sign On with Drupal and SimpleSAMLphp

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Andrew Boag
пятница, апреля 25, 2014 - с 11:30 по 12:15

It is more and more common for businesses and enterprises to want to support Single Sign On (SSO) between a suite of their internal application. In practice, people do not need yet another set of login credentials for an internal CRM, email, CMS, wiki, HR System, Ticket System ... Ideally, we should be able to log in once to our entire suite of applications.

Catalyst have considerable experience in a number of SSO and cross-site authentication solutions and in our travels we came across the SimpleSAMLphp solution which we have used to connect Drupal, Moodle and Mahara together into a single authentication solution.

SimpleSAMLphp makes use of the SAML open standard, which is powerful put also complicated.

During this talk I will explain some of the use cases that we have covered and the integrations that have taken place as well as outline the complexities and issues we encountered on this journey.

This presentation will be done in Russian.

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