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Speaker slide templates

We are glad to provide slide templates for speakers DrupalCamp Donetsk 2014 in next formats: Power Point, Keynote and Google Presentation. You can user your own templates, but don't forget to include title slide from our templates.

How to submit a session?


  • 23th of March 2014 - session proposal deadline. You don't need to make slides by this date, just tell us what you want to speak about and include your qualifications.
  • 26th of March 2014 - accepted sessions announced. If we recieve more session proposals than we expect, then the best sessions will be selected. We will take into account speaker experience and slides availability.
  • 6th of April 2014 - session schedule is announced.
  • 13th of April - we are looking forward to see your slides. Your slides is a confirmation for us of your intention to make a session. After DrupalCamp is finished your slides will be available on the DrupalCamp website.


Please follow these steps when creating slides.

  • Make your slides in English - help guests from foreign countries to understand your presentation; spread your knowledge with the rest of the world, cause English is international language; help to promote DrupalCamp Donetsk abroad.
  • Use a big font - your slides should be seen well on the distant seats.
  • Highlight code.
  • Use graphs and diagrams.
  • Include your name and your contact information.


  • One or more people could make a session.
  • Session slot is 45 minutes length.
  • Don't forget to save some time for questions, 5-10 minutes will be enough for that.