DrupalCamp Donetsk is a non-profit event for people who are interested in Drupal - open source content management system. This event will be of use for both beginner developers, who are not familiar with Drupal, and seasoned professionals, who've been working with this system for years. DrupalCamp Donetsk - is a volunteer driven conference, organized by the members of the Donetsk Drupal community. The event aims to unite people around the Drupal project, provide space where they can meet each other, share knowledge and ideas.


DrupalCamp Donetsk will be held in hotel Donbass Palace, which is located at Artyoma Street, 80.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source web framework, which allows to build reliable systems and web applications of all kinds, from community websites to large corporate systems, university, newspaper or government sites.

What is DrupalCamp?

DrupalCamp is a BarCamp style event. Best Drupal developers of the country will present their sessions at the conference. We invite everyone: curious beginners, experienced developers, designers, project managers and business owners. Conference sessions will cover topics of all spheres of work with Drupal.

DrupalCamp - is not only sessions. On Sunday there will be traditional code sprint for Drupal core and modules. You can also expect the traditional Drupal party, which will provide an opportunity for attendees to meet and chat in a friendly atmosphere.