DrupalCamp Donetsk program includes 3 days of sessions, BOFs, full-day code sprint, trivia night and Drupal party!

Friday and Saturday

These days will be all about sessions and BOFs. Sessions will run in 3 simultaneous tracks, therefore attendees will be able to choose the sessions they are most imterested in and compose their own schedule. "Birds of a Feather" or BOFs are openly scheduled, topical discussion-based sessions. You can suggest your own topic for discussion and organize a BOF session any time. Traditional DrupalCamp party will be held on Saturday evening.


This day will be all about contributions to Drupal. During the full-day code sprint you will be able to contribute to Drupal core itself! To take part in the sprint you just need to come, bring your laptop with you and join one of the teams. There will be all kinds of different topics and tasks for the code sprint. Anyone is welcome to take part, from novice to experienced developers, and even people who do not code at all. Such code sprints are the reason Drupal is a high quality product used by millions of websites all over the world.