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Michael Schmid
суббота, апреля 26, 2014 - с 12:35 по 13:20
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With Drupal 8 we fixed a lot of issues with Translation. Finally Drupal can be reliably translated as is necessary for multilanguage sites. But the work is far from over! As with the Configuration Management Initiative which actually does not provide any new features and “only” allows to manage configurations over multiple Sites and Staging environments, there is the same need for Translations: Management of Translations.

Our world gets connected more and more, and the same happens with websites. They are multilingual, which means that they have the same text translated in different languages. But they are also connected to other sites and share content, why not share translations as well? Multilingual very often means several different languages. So there are different People and also external Translation Services working on the task at the same time. Texts adapt during time and the translations need to be adapted as well.

Now here ist the problem : There is no overview in core to show you really easy and fast which parts of your website are already translated and what still needs translation work.

This situation requires not only a translatable Drupal, it also needs a Drupal in which the translation process can be managed systematically.

If Drupal wants to be the leading CMS for Multilanguage Sites we need to provide such management capabilities.

There are already tools out there to help Drupal users to manage translations. The “Translation Management Tools” are currently the most advanced suite of modules for this task, but there are also other ideas and modules which help with management of translations.

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